Thank you for purchase one of our made-to-order illustrations!

Your painting will be coming to your in a mailing tube.  This is by far the safest way to mail paper art work.  Please follow the steps below to ensure your unique painting stays pristine until you get it framed!

  • Carefully remove your painting from the tube. It will be rolled up with a rubber band and protective paper. Keep the protective paper over your painting until it is properly framed.
  • Take the rubber band off and to allow your painting to start to flatten. You can carefully place it under some books in a safe place to help it along.  Keep the protective paper over the painting while you are doing this to ensure it stays clean.
  • Keep your painting away from moisture!  Your unique illustration was created using hight quality gouache paint it will smear if it comes into contact with any moisture.
  • If you are not planing on framing your artwork right away store in a flat, dry place.


All of our illustrations are created to fit standard frames this way you can either frame it yourself or pay to get it professionally framed. Here are a few framing tips:

  • If framing yourself and you want a mat or border around your illustration you can either buy the next frame size up and get a pre-cut mat, or you can use a colored handmade paper as a backing.  Since our designs have a clean white background the color border really  makes it pop!
  • If you are getting is professionally framed you can request a double mat and have one of the mats be colored to give it a pop of color as well.